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A really unique charm, with its couture fabrics, colors, then the laboratory with its clutter ordered that marks the timing of completion of the "measure" all-Italian that the world envies us. Following the chalk to draw the scissors to cut, the 'sewing needle and inventing every day a job that combines craftsmanship and design in a creative synthesis which has as its goal the more' excellence. I am Fulvio Bastianini and I am Taylor over 30 years. The passion for this job was created 3 years watching my father cut and sew. In 1980 the 'adventure tailored to Bastia Umbra where I live and work. The first teacher was my father in 'period of two years I taught the first notions. To age of 18 years, driven by my desire to learn, I am taken by the master Domenico De Sanctis of Perugia, where I stay about a year and a half Then I leave for the military service. Finished military service a new teacher in Perugia, where Palmiro Cecchini remain for about 12 years. After a collaboration with master Augustus Tammi began in 1996, my business. In over 22 years of activity, with thirty years of experience behind us, participate in various events and competitions such as tailoring the Golden Scissors, Amilcare Minnucci, Joseph Mancini, all dedicated to the great tailors who have left a 'footprint fundamental to our category.  I ask with all humility to the service of my clients and that you visit. Fulvio Bastianini
Sartoria Bastianini via Bernabei 10, 06083 Bastia Umbra (PG) Italy
tel: +39 0758002810 mobile: +39 3475950818 2016 all right reserved
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